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We get a lot of questions about Delphis shipping charges and procedures. But theres more that goes into our shipping than just a box and a stamp. We wrote this post to help take the mystery out of what we do.

How is Shipping Calculated?

Our website shipping calculations use real-time data from UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service). Calculations are based on dimensional weight and distance traveled (shipping from zip code 48910).

Weight calculations round up to the nearest pound per UPS's policies (1.1 lb = 2 lb weight class).

Keep shipping in mind when ordering sheet glass. We ship our sheet glass in either a small box (up to 21 lbs.) or a large box (up to 45 lbs.) To get more bang for your shipping buck try to fully fill your glass box.


-Small and Medium size sheet glass will ship together. You can fit up to 12 pieces in a small box.

This box is a $4.95 boxing fee + shipping

-Large piecesof sheet glass will ship in large boxes. You can fit up to 9 pieces in this box. (No small or medium glass will ship in the large box)

This box is a $6.95 boxing fee + shipping.

(This is considered an oversized box and extra UPS shipping fees apply.)

If you dont need the length of the large sizes for your project, try to order medium or small pieces.

Know that sheet glass always ships separately from non-glass items. We take special care in packaging our glass so it gets to you in one piece. If you have supplies on your order as well as glass, there will be a separate box subject to shipping charges.


Weve just added a USPS shipping option to our website for orders that weigh 6 lbs. or less. We understand that our customers dont want to pay high shipping prices for small, inexpensive items.

USPS is available for orders that weigh 6 lbs. or less, and is not available for sheet glass with sizes, odd-shaped items or special orders.

Why, you ask?

Shipping is based on dimensional weight and size of the box. Because of their dimensions, sheet glass and odd-shaped items must be shipped via UPS.

Also, note that we do not inventory special order items, and sometimes those can take up to 6 weeks or longer to arrive at our facility. We ship these items via UPS to speed up delivery to the customer. There also may be a higher instance of delay, loss and/or damage with USPS.

If you have additional questions or believe your item may qualify for USPS shipping, please contact the Delphi Customer Service Center at 1.800.248.2048.

UPS and USPS Rates Increased in 2011.

As of Jan. 1, 2011, both UPS and the USPS increased their rates. You can read more about the increase here. http://www.rates.ups.com/


Were fast, but not that fast. We do not ship orders the same day they are placed. We have a 1-2 business day processing time depending on when the order was placed (orders placed after 3 p.m. EST Monday - Friday are considered orders for the next business day). The day count for expedited UPS delivery starts once UPS has the package. Choosing 2-day shipping may take 3-4 business days from date of order, based on the time of day the order was placed and our needed processing time for the order.

When you place an order online, you will see an Expected Delivery Date message. This estimated date takes the processing time into account.

An order placed after end of day 3 p.m. EST Wednesday will be considered a Thursday order. Your order will be pulled, packaged and shipped on Friday. The day count for shipping does not include the day UPS picks up the package from our facility, so delivery of a 2-day UPS package placed on Wednesday evening will be delivered on the following Tuesday. This is four business days from date of order.

Understanding Special Orders.
When ordering Special Order items in addition to standard items, our online system automatically calculates for a second shipment. The shipping cost reflects both the original shipment as well as the shipment for the special order item.

The full shipping cost is charged when the first package is sent. When the special order item comes in and ships, you will only be charged the merchandise cost, as shipping has already been paid.

We Strive for Transparency. And we appreciate customer feedback. If you still have questions, please give our Customer Service Center a call 1.800.248.2048. Additional shipping and handling information can be found here.

Photos taken at the Delphi warehouse in Lansing, MI. This is where all Delphi orders are pulled, packaged and shipped.

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