The Dazzling History Behind Tiffany Lamps

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Tiffany lamps are a beautiful way to bring a classic touch to any room. They not only light up a room but they also serve as a work of art that can change any space from ordinary to extraordinary. Reflecting more than light, they shine with the expert craftsmanship from the artists who painstakingly hand make each one.


In the 1890s, the first Tiffany lamp was created. It was named as such because it was supposed that Louis Comfort Tiffany had been the first designer of this lamp, but it would later be revealed that Clara Driscoll was the original creator of this gorgeous style of lighting. The Tiffany lamp grew in popularity in 1893 thanks to the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Tiffany had displayed his lamps there and it became one of the most sought-after items of that time period. 


The inspiration of course came from the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1879. Tiffany wanted to make glass lampshades utilizing his experiences with stained glass to create spectacular floral designs. Using the same methods he employed for making glass windows, he made paper patterns of the designs and then used the patterns to cut his glass pieces with precision. These pieces were then edged with copper foil and soldered together.


Perhaps among the most famous of them was his Nautilus lampshade which was patented and displayed in 1899. In modern times, not much has changed with the creation and production of Tiffany lamps. They still require the same patience and detailed skills as they did back in the 19th century.


Today’s glass artists are pushing the boundaries in the category of Tiffany lamps, dreaming up more brilliant and stunning designs and shapes than ever before. Delphi Glass has everything you need to make a Tiffany lamp of your very own, from supplies to how-to guides. It could be the project your summer needs!



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Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

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