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2012 is looking like a banner year for art glass. To give you an idea of what your fellow artists are creating, we've compiled a list of our top 10 most popular products since January. Among the most notable trends of 2012 are fused jewelry and bottle art.

In particular, artists are loving Colour de Verre's round bead molds and our wide selection holey molds.

We are also seeing a growing interest in bottle art. Bottle art is everywhere on social networks and in our artist gallery. Artists have dedicated entire Pinterest pin boards to Bottle Art (Delphi included).

Number one on our list is the Craig Mitchell Smith 7-Piece Floral and Foliage mold. Customers are loving its quality and versatility, and Craig is becoming quite the celebrity!

Check out the list for other notable favorites. What's your favorite product so far this year?

1. Craig Mitchell Smith Floral and Foliage Mold

2. Simple Round Beads Mold/Small Ring Beads Mold

3. Safe Art Soldering Flux

4. Heart Jewelry Holey Mold

5. Wind Chimes Bottle Art Kit

6. Keepsake Box Bottle Art Kit

7. Circle Jewelry Holey Mold

8. Diamond Jewelry Holey Mold

9. Luminary Bottle Art Kit

10. Cutters Mate Mini

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Joe C.  •  March 08, 2012
Love my round beads mold!
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Karen N.  •  March 08, 2012
Although I don't have it (yet), what caught my eye and interest is the Craig Mitchell Smith foliage and flower mold. I've always wanted to make glass flowers and this looks like such a versatile and inexpensive way to do it all!
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Kristi H.  •  March 08, 2012
Love my Cutters Mate! It makes cutting so much more precise.
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Gina M.  •  March 08, 2012
Call me old fashioned, but my favourite tool is still my good old cutter... like an old friend, always there to help !!! Clear blue and always cheerful !!!
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susan m.  •  March 08, 2012
My favorite tool is still, and always has been my Lepponits. I'm dying to try out all the molds available next ... After I buy that new kiln!
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Jessica A.  •  March 08, 2012
this year I purchased a new grinder, I can't wait to use it!
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Angela W.  •  March 08, 2012
Simple Round Beads Mold/Small Ring Beads Mold is what interests me the most. I don't have one yet, but it's on my list.
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kathleen d.  •  March 08, 2012
looking forward to the holey molds, love the idea of not attaching bails!
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Paula W.  •  March 08, 2012
I'm new to stained glass. So I would have to say my favorite product this year is my Inland grinder.
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Brian O.  •  March 08, 2012
I would say the Holey Molds, looking at picking up some of them when I get a chance.
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Cindy W.  •  March 08, 2012
I recently purchased the Dicro Slide Frit. I love it! It is a great way to add a little extra pazazz to your fused pieces and it's so easy to use. It can be used with any Coe. I have even used it with recycled glass with great results.
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Kate P.  •  March 08, 2012
I love my simple round beads mold, but I need more than one so I can make more than 6 at a time. I feel like I have a grocery list for Delphi :)
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Donna R.  •  March 08, 2012
The microwave kiln. Unfortunately, it's so much fun and reminding me how much I like glass work that I now want to get another tabletop (or larger) kiln and other glass tools/supplies to replace the ones I lost in a house fire. (That last, while true, is mainly an attempt at the sympathy vote :)
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Aimee G.  •  March 08, 2012
Love it all! The wind chimes bottle art kit is fabulous. Beautiful end result from recycling!
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Robin W.  •  March 08, 2012
I'm new to stained glass, so I have lots to learn. But I absolutely LOVE the selection of beautiful glass you have. I hope yo use LOTS of it!
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Sharon H.  •  March 08, 2012
I love using bottles to make beads! My sister-in-law(s) gave me bottles and I give them a beautiful new necklace!
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Jessyca S.  •  March 08, 2012
The Safe Art Soldering Flux is a welcome relief to my worries of exposure to chemical compounds by the children of our local fourth grade classroom. The children will be designing their own stained glass sun-catchers and I will be soldering in the confines of the classroom.
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Tammy R.  •  March 08, 2012
Love it all, but will go with Luminary Bottle Art Kit :)
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Teresa H.  •  March 08, 2012
I have to say my favorite are all of the flower glass molds, each one brings out the creative side of myself and enjoy making new flowers each time.
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Phyllis H.  •  March 08, 2012
I LOVE my Craig Mitchell Smith 7-Piece Floral and Foliage mold. I have made a bunch of flowers and each one is better than the last!!! :-)
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Michelle C.  •  March 06, 2012
The Craig Mitchell Smith Floral and Foliage mold. The versatility is amazing!
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Sally H.  •  March 06, 2012
the new cutters minimate is great but so are the colors of glass!
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Robin P.  •  March 06, 2012
Love the cutters mate. Can't live without it. If my house was on fire I would save this! Ok, the cutters mate and my husband...
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leisa A.  •  March 06, 2012
I love Glassline paint!
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Barbara N.  •  March 06, 2012
I love my ephrem's bottle cutter I purchased from Delphi. I was able to cut over 75 small bottles to use as votive holders for my daughters wedding reception, cut large bottles for vases, and so much more. Not only did it save blue bottles (our area doesn't recycle them) from the landfill, everything we used for each tablescape went home with our guests as party favors.
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Tracy L.  •  March 06, 2012
CMS flower mold. I love it.
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Laura Z.  •  March 06, 2012
Ephrem's Bottle Cutter! Wish I had gotten the deluxe version though...the add-on will be my next purchase ;)
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becky s.  •  March 06, 2012
Easy choice the cutters mate, saving up for one. :)


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