Working With Your Hands Causes Happy Brain Chemicals

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Feel better when you're knee-deep in frit? You probably do, and now we know why. Ladies Home Journal recently published a great article entitled, "Want to be Happier? Try Making Your Life a Little Harder." Author Catherine Newman cites the work of neuroscientist Kelly Lambert, Ph.D. who says, "When you do meaningful work with your hands, a kind of neurochemical feedback floods your brain with dopamine and seratonin. These happy brain chemicals are natural antidepressents, and we've evolved to release them both to reward ourselves for working with our hands and to motivate ourselves to do it some more."

Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski agrees saying, "We are programmed to reward ourselves when we accomplish things with our hands." The author goes on to say that creating things by hand has been proven to decrease stress levels, provide a greater sense of control and allow you to save money. Anyone who's bought art supplies knows the "saving money" part is up for discussion, but there is no doubt that finishing the project you've been slaving over for weeks is incredibly satisfying.

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Photo credit: Artist Barbara Justice of Cheboygan, MI, knows how to stay active. She and her husband enjoy fishing the Great Lakes together, and Barbara recreates glass replicas of the fish they catch.

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Kathy M.  •  September 08, 2011
Hands are the gateway to the soul.....and my salvation. Will never forget watching my Dad's hands at work. The more scars, the better!
Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

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