Cutting Mosaic Backgrounds


1. Make the glass strips as wide as you'd like your mosaic chunks to be. Strips about 1/2" to 3/4 " usually work well.

2. Snip small pieces off the strip. Aiming your mosaic cutter straight across the strip will produce "squares" and "rectangles." Aiming the cutter at an angle (the same angle each time you cut) will give you "diamonds." A combination of aiming straight across the strip and at alternating angles will produce "triangles."

3. Once you've aimed the cutter, just squeeze the handles until a piece of glass breaks off. Or, you can snip pieces off a larger piece of glass. Cut near the edge and work towards the middle. This will produce random "moon" shaped pieces, which you can use to fill in small areas of background. They also make nice leaves.

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