How to Get Over Your Fear of First Time Glass Fusing


For many beginners, getting into glass fusing can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re completely new to any kind of glass art. But fusing glass as a way to express your creativity is a fantastic outlet. It’s one you’ll really enjoy and really surprise yourself with once you give it a try.


Here are some simple tips for glass fusing for the first time.


1. Just go with it

So you’ve never fired glass before. No big deal. There are lots of firsts in our lives. Don’t expect the first thing you create to be the world’s next greatest masterpiece. Just let it happen and you’ll get a feel for the craft.


2. Start simple

This is not the time to pick some ornate design to create. Stick with a simple and small-sized piece. Once you get the hang of glass fusing, you can make anything you dream up into a glass art reality.


3. Prepare your kiln

Glass fusing requires a kiln, and Delphi has a great selection of kilns. Before you begin, you’ve got to get your kiln and shelves ready with kiln wash. You need to run the kiln empty once to burn off any residue and excess moisture. It also serves to create a protective oxide coating on the elements and loosen particles that you can vacuum up afterwards. Additionally, it gives you the chance to get more familiar with how the kiln works.


4. Make smaller stacks

One less intimidating way to fuse glass is to cut out squares or rectangles and set them into small stacks before you begin. Make sure you dip the glasscutter in cutting oil and keep it in one even motion as you go over the glass. Then you can break off the pieces you cut. Be sure to wipe off all traces of oil and fingerprints afterward. Fingerprints will remain on the glass after firing. Use a soft soap to remove them both and make sure to dry it well too. Putting wet or dirty glass into the kiln can result in cracked glass.


5. Don’t rush it

Remember, if you try to hurry your piece out of the kiln before you’ve allowed it to cool to room temperature, it will shatter. Glass fusing as well as other forms of glass art requires our absolute patience and focus.


Are you ready to give glass fusing a try? At Delphi, we always have exciting classes from beginner to expert level that can help you perfect your glass art craft. Check out our class schedule and sign up today!

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Jonathan H.  •  May 10, 2017
Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

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