Wild Shape Glass Candle Holders


Step 1 Cut a piece of glass in any wild shape or size you like. (This piece was just a leftover piece of glass from a stained glass window.)

Step 2
Place a drape mold in the kiln. Since the piece of glass may run down to the shelf, it is best to have a piece of Fiber Paper under the mold. (I have used a bisque fired coffee mug for my mold. The glass will melt down around this mold so be sure to pick something were the sides go straight down or flare out, or the glass will break removing it from the mold.)

Step 3 Drape a thin piece of Fiber Paper over the drape mold that is about the same size as the piece of glass.

Step 4 Fire the glass at cone 017.

Step 5 Wash the piece using a soft brush to remove Fiber Paper.

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Glass: Brand of Choice-any scrap glass

Mold/Bisque: You can choose from one of these to use as your mold.

12 oz Bisque Mug

Large Floral Vase Slumper

Small Floral Vase Slumper

Tools: Brand of Choice

Glass Scorer

Mosaic Nippers

Glass Running Pliers

Glass Grozers

Soft Brush


Fiber Shelf Paper

Kiln Wash

Brand of Choice:

Cork, Rubber or Felt Pads

(for the bottom of the candle holderoptional)

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Karen Burkett

Karen Burkett