Celebrate the Beauty of Sugar Skulls


As some pick out costumes and prepare for annual Halloween festivities, in Mexico people begin preparing to celebrate Da de los Muertos, the day of the dead. This three day event spans October 31st through November 2nd.

Traditions vary from town to town. However, most families spend these three days honoring and remembering the lives of the dead with flowers, decorations, traditional foods and brightly decorated skulls. These are commonly known and referred to as Sugar Skulls.

While both Halloween and Da de los Muertos embrace skulls, the scary skulls that are sometimes associated with Halloween don't compare to the ornate and sometimes tasty sugar skulls displayed proudly during this Mexican holiday. Sugar Skulls are funky, festive and a huge trend these days!

In honor of Da de los Muertos we encourage everyone to celebrate other cultures and have fun getting creative with an icon ofthis traditional Mexican holiday, the Sugar Skull.

In pop-culture Sugar Skulls are often adorned withhearts, crosses, flowers and filigree. The possibilities are endless so enjoy!

Check out all of the amazing Sugar Skulls or create some of your own today!
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Stained Glass Sugar Skull by ChaosTheory Glassworks

Face Painting and Photograph by Artist Katherine Clark

Sugar Skull Bead by Artist Beverly Taylor

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Jennifer Bonesteel

Jennifer Bonesteel

Jennifer Bonesteel is a fairly new addition to the Delphi team.  Splitting her time between the merchandising department and the customer care center, she enjoys helping to ensure that Delphi customers receive quality information and service both on the phone and on the web.  While new to the art glass industry, Jennifer has always loved art and has a great appreciation for artists of all kinds.  Learning to work with glass has opened the door for her to explore creating her own art work.