Holiday Gift Ideas for the Stained Glass Artist

There are only 52 days left until Christmas! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? If not, Delphi has you covered with some bright and shiny ideas for the stained glass artist in your life. Here are some we think will be very well received if you tuck them under your tree!
1. Stained Glass
A stained glass artist can never have too much glass to work with. We carry a huge selection of stained glass. Why not order some new and exciting colors for your favorite stained glass artist? Try something different like the Van Gogh glass that is almost too pretty to cut. Plus with glass packs and sample sets, your recipient will get a gorgeous array of glass to work with in one fabulous package.
2. Studio Pro Caddy
If you’re stained glass artist has tools all over the place in their studio, perhaps a Studio Pro Caddy will be useful. It keeps all essential tools within easy reach and has them ready to use. Plus, the bottle holder and the iron stand keep chemicals and the hot iron safe.
3. Finishing Compound
For the stained glass artist, that has everything, finishing compound is always a nice gift because it’s something that gets used up a lot. It’s no fun when you’re ready to finish off a project only to realize your bottle of finishing compound is, well, finished. Even if they already have some, they’ll be happy to have more.
4. Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit
Most established stained glass artists are sure to have the tools for the job. But after many projects, wear and tear happens and tools need replacing. Or perhaps your stained glass artist is just starting out and doesn’t have everything yet. Whatever the case, this deluxe stained glass tool kit should do the trick to making their holidays merry and bright!
5. Stained Glass Start-Up Kit
Now this is for that starry-eyed dreamer who wants to get into creating stained glass art. This premium stained glass start-up kit has everything a new stained glass artist could possibly need, including the post popular tools that will help them get started. Everything needed to create a copper foil panel is in this kit too, which is the perfect first project for a beginner. Plus there’s a DVD included with an easy-to-follow tutorial to help your budding artist learn the basics right at home.
That’s holiday shopping for the stained glass artist made easy by Delphi! What gifts do you hope you’ll get for the holidays?
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JoAnn K.  •  August 20, 2017
What is the best glass for making snowflake ornaments?
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Jenn Raskin

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