3/4" Glastar Grinder Bit

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Product Features

  • Grind your way to perfect fitting pieces
  • High quality diamond plating for extra long life
  • 3/4" Standard 100 Grit bit fits G7, G12 and G14 grinders

Product Description

There is no comparison when it comes Glastar's grinding heads. They outperform and outlast all other heads three to one!  The secret is their unique diamond bonding that eliminates peeling, creating a uniform surface that lasts.

Standard 100 Grit is the standard replacement for the G7, G12 and G14 grinders. Popular 3/4" diameter is good for tighter curves.

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Product Details

  • Compatible with Grinders:
  • Inland Wizling CG
  • Inland Wiz CG
  • Inland Impulse Touch-Top
  • Inland Wizard
  • Glastar Superstar II G-12