Free Fused Wreath Project Guide

  • Follow along with step-by-step instructions
  • Requires only basic glass cutting skills - excellent for beginners
  • A fantastic project to create with fusible scrap glass
  • Finished project makes a great gift

Celebrate the season with this fun festive fused wreath that can be customized for the holidays or created in your favorite colors to enjoy all year. 

Finished project by artist Danielle Wagner.


  • Aventurine Green #B111230
  • Fern Green #U60-753
  • Vanilla, White Mardi Gras #B4237F
  • Happy Holiday Fusible Dots Assortment #94700
  • Silver Plated Filigree Bails #91801
  • Glass Adhesive
  • Basic Glass Cutting Tools
Step 1
Step 2
1. Clean glass thoroughly removing any residue.
2. Cut or nip tested compatible pieces into triangles, squares or rectangles depending on the desired results.
3. Arrange pieces making sure they are overlapped on a kiln shelf lined with shelf paper.
4. Add decorative embellishments such as dots or other accessory glass.
Step 5
Step 6
5. Fire to a tack fuse. Delphi Tip: Keep a firing log to make it easy to replicate your favorite projects.

*Full Fuse Schedule:
Segment Rate Temperature Hold/Minutes
1 300°F/hr 1000°F 5
2 300°F/hr 1375°F 5
3 As fast of possible 900°F 20
*All kilns are not alike. Your kiln size, controller type, and individual project may require some alteration to the schedule for best results.

6. Once fired clean shelf paper off the back side of the wreath.

7. Apply bail using glass adhesive.