Free Halloween Fused Characters Project Guide

  • Create custom Halloween characters to dress up drinks, plants or wear
  • Fun designs require only basic glass cutting skills
  • A fantastic project to create with fusible scrap glass

Create scary good Halloween accessories to wear, dress up your drinks or adorn plants. This fun and whimsical project guide uses basic glass cutting skills to make monsters, jack-o-lanterns and other spooky designs. Tack fuse characters to stir sticks or plant stakes, or adhere them to all your favorite home, office and jewelry findings. By artist Kim Heenan.
Click here to find the supplies we used for this project.

  • Halloween glass colors such as orange, black, green, gray, red, yellow and clear (same COE)
  • Frit, glass noodles and stringers for decorating (same COE)
  • Glass cutter
  • Running pliers
  • Breaker/Grozers
  • Glass nippers
  • Glastac fusing adhesive
  • Fiber Paper - ¼" thick (Item #92805)
Step 1
1. To create glass stakes or stir sticks, cut your choice of glass into ¼" wide x 6" - 12" long strips. Stack two pieces together, gluing with a drop of fusing adhesive at each end. Place on shelf paper on a kiln shelf.

2. Cut or nip small pieces of black glass. These will fuse into small balls for the eyes and features of characters.
Step 3
Step 4
3. Place strips on a prepared kiln shelf and full fuse using a schedule similar to example shown here:

Strip Fusing Schedule

Segment Rate Temperature Hold/Minutes
1 300°F/hr 1050°F 10
2 400°F/hr 1450°F 5
3 As fast of possible (9999) 950°F 30
4 As fast as possible (9999) 780°F 5
Note: If you plan to use the sticks as plant stakes, use a grinder or abrasive stone to gently taper the end of the fused sticks.

4. Create characters:
Cut glass shapes and use fusing adhesive to attach details to give your characters features.


Cut a square of green glass for the head. Add a noodle for the mouth, fused balls for eyes, triangles of black glass for hair, and small triangles of black glass positioned under the head for bolts.


Cut a circle, oval or vaguely rounded shape of orange glass using your glass cutter or nippers. Position small triangles of black glass as features


Cut an oval of black glass. Add white noodles to create “wrapped” bandages, leaving a gap for eyes. Nip small circles of white, yellow, orange or green glass to position as eyes. Top eyes with black fused balls


Cut a half circle of black glass, add triangles of matching glass as ears. Use black or clear noodles to hold ears to face, or add triangles of contrast color for inside of ears. Cut green or yellow glass into almond shapes as eyes, top with black fused balls or bits of noodle in a contrast color. Position white stringers as whiskers.

Monsters, Ghouls and Ghosts

Use glass nippers to cut a square, round, oval or freeform glass shape in desired color. Top with fused balls, noodles, stringers or nipped glass triangles to form features.

Candy Corn

Cut a layer of white to a triangle shape. Cut yellow and orange glass or noodles to create stripes, position on white base. Use a glass grinder to smooth the fit and shape if desired.