Free Mosaic Garden Stakes Project Guide

  • Use pre-cuts to create fast projects
  • Mark plants or dress up your garden with fun art
  • Simple glue and grout mosaic project can be done in an afternoon
  • Makes a fantastic gift for the gardener in your life

Dress Up Your Garden with Mosaic Stakes
Whether you're creating practical and pretty plant markers, or just adding a pop of color to a flower pot, garden stakes are a fast and fun project.

Project shown by artist Danielle Wagner, created with pre-cut glass vegetables.

  • Metal Plant Stake findings
  • Clear silicone adhesive
  • Pre-Cut glass shapes
  • Wood, metal, acrylic glass or glass base
  • Stained glass, glass tile or other tesserae
Make mosaic garden stakes
  1. Select a base to apply a mosaic design to. A size of 5" x 5" or smaller is recommended.
  2. Use a pre-cut glass design as the center motif or cut glass following a pattern.
  3. Position and glue your design on the base using clear silicone adhesive.
  4. Select glass, tile or other tesserae to fill in the background. A glass cutter and mosaic nippers can be used to cut small pieces.
  5. Continue cutting background pieces to fill in around the center design.
    Delphi Tip: Position all pieces to leave a 1/8" unadorned space around the outside of the base to allow grout to cover exposed glass edges.
  6. Glue background pieces in place using clear silicone adhesive. Allow adhesive to dry completely.
Glue precut and fill in background
nip pieces to fit
Apply grout
  1. Mix sanded grout following package directions. Mix in any desired grout colorant at this time. Properly mixed grout will be thick but spreadable.
  2. Apply grout to the front of your mosaic art, using a gloved hand to gently smooth grout into all spaces between glass pieces. Round grout in the space between your mosaic art and the edge of the mosaic base.
  3. Use a damp sponge to wipe away excess grout. This step will need to be repeated as the grout dries, until your mosaic design is revealed and clean.
  4. Allow grout to dry completely. Apply a grout sealant if desired.
  5. Use clear silicone adhesive to affix your Metal Plant Stake finding to the reverse side of your art. Allow adhesive to dry completely.
Affix metal stakes to reverse
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