Free Color Gradient Copper Enamel Jewelry Project Guide


Create Contemporary Jewelry with Copper Enameling

Making your own custom cpper enamel jewelry is a fast and fun process. Give this traditional art form a contemporary twist with this simple color gradient project.
Project shown by artist Steena Gaut.

  • Copper Shapes or Copper Sheet
  • Copper Cleaner
  • Metal Enamels
  • Copper Enameling Furnace or Glass Kiln
  • Firing Tools including trivets, rack, spatula, tongs or fork
Color Gradient Copper Enamel Earrings
  1. Select a copper shape and metal enamels for your project.
    Note: For the project shown and instructions below we used Delphi Exclusive Milton Bridge Metal Enamel Pens and custom shapes cut from copper sheet.
  2. Clean your copper shapes with copper cleaner to remove all oils and oxidation. Rinse thoroughly and blot dry.
  3. Shake enamel pens before use.
  4. Apply your first color of enamel starting at one end of the copper shape.
Paint on 1st Color
Apply second enamel color
Blend enamel colors
  1. Apply your second color of enamel starting at the opposite end of the copper shape.
  2. Use a paint brush to stir colors together in the center to fade from one end to the other.
    Delphi Tip: If you want to achieve a more evenly mixed mid-tone, place drops of both colors on a piece of smooth glass and stir to blend before painting onto the center of your copper shape.
  3. Allow enamels to dry.
  4. Apply enamel to the reverse of your copper shape.
  5. Allow enamels to dry completely.
  6. Position your project(s) on a firing rack or trivet.
  7. Heat your enameling furnace.
    Note: If you are using a glass kiln with digital controller, set the firing schedule to heat as fast as possible to 1500° F and hold.
  8. Use your firing fork, tongs or spatula to position the trivet or firing rack with your projects in the furnace.
Place dry projects on a firing rack
Place in enameling furnace
  1. Visually check your project frequently. The surface will progress from a matte finish, to an orange-peel texture, to a smooth, gloss surface.
  2. Once the surface appears glossy, use your tongs, fork or spatula to remove the trivet or firing rack from the furnace and set it on a heat resistant surface to cool.
    Caution: All surfaces will be extremely hot.
  3. Allow your projects to cool completely before handling.
    Note: Colors may not appear true while the project is hot.
  4. Add jewelry findings or your choice to complete your project.
Check frequently
Remove from funace
Allow to cool