Free Enameled Drink Charms Project Guide

  • A Fun Afternoon Project
  • Great Gift Idea

  • Preval Aerosol Spray Kit
  • Thompson Klyr-Fire
  • Pink Opaque Enamel
  • Marigold Opaque Enamel
  • Powder Blue Opaque Enamel
  • Lime Green Opaque Enamel
  • Copper Shape - Small Rounded Rectangle with Hole
  • Pre-Tinned Curly Q Hangers
  • Basic Enameling Tools and Supplies
  • Economy Enameling Kiln
Step 1
Step 2
1. Clean copper shapes with copper cleaner and a scouring pad or by soaking in a pickle agent such as Sparex. Rinse well - water should bead and run off the surface smoothly. Note: Do not to touch the surface after cleaning to ensure enamel will bind properly. Then apply a water-based adhesive like Klyr-Fire to prepare the metal and allow the enamel to stick to the surface. Using a sifter, liberally coat the surface with the powder enamel of your choice.
2. Pre-Heat the kiln. Place the charm on a metal trivet and place in kiln using an enamel firing fork. Fire for 3-5 minutes. Delphi Tip:  How do you know if your kiln is the right temperature? Watch the color of the trivet. An ideal color is between an dull red to a cherry red glow. An orange or yellow color is too hot.
Step 3
Step 4
3. Remove and set aside to allow metal to cool. During this time the enamel color may gradually change.
4. Once cool, thread a Curly Q hanger through the charm. Adjust the other end of the hanger to fit snuggly around the stem of the glass of your choice. Delphi Tip: For additional individuality try making your own hangers using art wire.