Free Engraved Glassware Project Guide

  • A quick and inexpensive way to update your glassware
  • Unlimited design options
  • Perfect for custom gifts or to update your table for every season
  • Engrave on any glassware, including cut bottles

Give Your Glassware a Makeover with Engraving

It's easy to dress up drab glassware with fun designs, elegant monograms and more. Create custom pieces for every season to add a spectacular accent to any table setting.

Tools and Materials:
  • Glass Engraving Tool
  • Fine Point Marker
  • Glassware



Engraved Glassware
Project shown by artist Karina Brown.


  1. Select glassware to update.
    Delphi Tip: Glassware from the dollar store is an inexpensive option, or you can use a bottle cutter to recycle empty glass bottles into truly unique glasses.
  2. Design your artwork to engrave. You can draw your own design, or search the internet for copyright free clip art. Draw or print the design at the desired final size to fit your glassware.
    Note: If you are using artwork found online, be sure to check that it is copyright free, or alter the design significantly to make it your own.
Search for Copyright Free Art
  1. Darken the pattern lines on your paper artwork with a fine point marker. This will make it easier to see the design through colored glassware.
  2. Insert your design into the glassware. Trace it onto the glass with a fine point marker. Remove the paper pattern once all lines are transferred.
 Insert PatternTrace Pattern
  1. Use your engraver to trace the design.
  2. Add shading, or consider using “zen tangle” type designs to fill and differentiate parts of the design.
  3. Re-trace lines with the engraver to make them bolder and wider if needed.
  4. Wash in soapy water to remove marker lines.
  5. Set your table with custom engraved glassware.
Engrave DesignRefine Lines with Engraver
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