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Glass Platter in Streaky Aqua with Blue Green Decor Apr. 8 2019
Fused Glass Rippled Plate Feb. 19 2013
Art Plate in Shades of Aqua and Gray Feb. 19 2013
Wax Tart or Oil Warmer Bowl Feb. 19 2013
Fern Green Leaf Imprint Glass DishesHere Feb. 19 2013
Fused Glass Rippled Bowl Feb. 19 2013
Blue and Green Glass Plate Feb. 19 2013
Plates in Turquoise and French Vanilla Feb. 19 2013
Custom sushi set in orange Feb. 19 2013
Fused Glass Bowl in Dusky Orange Feb. 19 2013
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joined:Nov 13, 2009
location:Portland, OR US
display name:bprdesigns
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