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Delphi's Artist Gallery Q&A

About Delphi's Artist Gallery

What is Delphi's Artist Gallery? Delphi's Artist Gallery are where you can share pictures of your finished handmade crafts, or view other people's projects and get inspire! This gallery is free of charge to use and is open to anyone who loves glass crafts and creative art. What inspired the Delphi's Artist Gallery? Before we opened the Artist Gallery on, our customers use to mail us photographs of their latest creations and we would post them on our bulletin board for everyone at the Delphi store to admire. Now with this online artist gallery, you can share your masterpieces with the entire Delphi community. Not only that, you can tell people more about yourself and what you enjoy about your craft. You can also browse other people's artwork and use them to inspire your own creative ideas. The Delphi Guarantee Delphi is dedicated to bringing you a great user experience. Delphi's Artist Gallery are made of independent artists and crafters. Everyone is welcomed to share their artwork, from beginners to professional artists. We also have a review process for each project posted on our website. If you feel someone is posting questionable materials or abusing the Artist Gallery in any way please email [email protected] with your concerns. Where can I learn more about Delphi? Read more about Delphi at our main About Us page.

Registering & Signing In

How do I get started on Delphi? Welcome! The first step is creating an account on Just follow the Log-in link at the top right corner and then click on Sign Up Now to get started. You need a valid email address, a unique username and a password. Usernames can only be numbers and letters; no special characters, punctuation marks, or spaces are allowed. You can use both upper and lowercase letters; usernames are not case-sensitive. Passwords are case-sensitive, so be careful typing your new password.

Since is an e-commerce site, all users must be over the age of 18 (or have parental permission and supervision). You also need to familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use and the Artist Gallery Rules before registering. Can I change my username or gallery name? Unfortunately, you cannot change usernames or the name of your Artist Gallery Page at this time. However, your gallery name does not have to be the same as your username. Usernames and store names can only be numbers and letters; no special characters, punctuation marks, or spaces are allowed. You can use both upper and lowercase letters; names are not case-sensitive. How do I Log-In? Before you are allowed to edit your gallery or personal information you must log in. The log-in button can be found on the top right corner of every page. You can either log-in using your username or your email address. You must also type in your password. For more help see Log-in FAQ

Account Info

How do I change my User Account? Log-in to Delphi. This takes you into your account page. There you will see a link that reads "Click here to modify account". Follow that link and update any information you would like. From there you can edit your address, email, password, phone number, and the email lists you are on. How do I delete my User Account? If you plan to no longer plan to use your account, please contact Delphi at [email protected]. Your user history cannot be saved or transferred to a new account. Can I close my account to start a new one? We can close the account for you so that you can open a new one, but you will need to use a different email address and none of your information will be carried over. For security reasons usernames and emails can't be reused once they are in our system. Can I have more than one account? Having more than one account ("multiple accounts" or "alternate accounts") is not something Delphi Glass encourages, as it has the potential to cause confusion. Keep in mind that accounts cannot be merged in any way, so if you change your mind later, you will not be able to transfer information (such as project listings, or information on your Artist Gallery page) from one account to another. How do I sign up for email specials or remove myself from email lists? When you register you are given a choice to sign up for our different weekly email specials. To edit your choices you first need to log-in. Then follow the link that reads click here to modify account, or modify your account here. There you will see what email specials you are signed up for and what other emails you can be receiving. Just check the boxes of the ones that you want. I don't seem to be receiving any email from Delphi. What should I do? There are a few things you can do to help ensure our emails get through:
  • Make sure your email addresses on file are correct.
  • Check your spam/junk folder to see if our emails were diverted there by your email client.
  • Add Delphi's email addresses to your address book. This will ensure our emails don't end up in your spam/junk folder.
  • Let us know if you think you're missing an email from Delphi by emailing [email protected]

Personal Gallery Information

What is a Personal Gallery?A Personal Gallery is your own unique set of pages on It's where you can see all your listed projects in one spot. It also includes an option to add your profile, artist bio, and link to your ArtFire Studio. Creating a Personal Gallery is FREE of any charge at any time. What name should I choose for my gallery? You can name your gallery anything you choose as long as the name follows our policies. No obscenity or offensive language. You must ask for permission before using Delphi as part of your own name. Names can only use letters and numbers What's my personalized URL for my gallery? Everyone who creates a gallery will be given their own personalized URL address that goes directly to your Personal Gallery. This is very useful if you want to go directly to your gallery. A personalized URL is also easier to remember or to type and, and you might also want to share your gallery page with your friends, family or even customers so they can see your work! Personalized URLs are part of the sub-domain and incorporate your gallery's name. For example, if you name your gallery "Your Gallery" your personalized URL will be: gallery How do I change my gallery? Log-in to Delphi. It takes you into your account page. Then, on the left-hand toolbar you will see links that will take you to different parts of your gallery and let you edit your settings. Can I have multiple galleries? No. You are allowed one gallery per account. Delphi does not suggest opening multiple accounts. How do I delete my gallery? If you no longer plan to use your Personal Gallery, please contact Delphi at [email protected]. Your user history cannot be saved or transferred to a new account. Can I close my gallery to start a new one? We can close the account for you so that you can open a new one, but you will need to use a different email address and none of your information will be carried over. For security reasons usernames and emails can't be reused once they are in our system.

Public Profile

What is a profile? A profile is like a welcome page for your gallery. It includes a thumbnail image, or icon, of your choosing and your bio. Also from your profile you have links to all your posted projects, your artist bio, and a link to your ArtFire Studio (if applicable). How do I edit my profile Log-in to Delphi. On the left hand side you will find links to help you manage your Personal Gallery. Click on the one labeled Public Profile. How do I add an image to my profile? We suggest uploading an image to your profile to act as an icon to represent you and your gallery. You can change it through the edit profile page (see above). The image must be 75 pixels by 75 pixels square. Larger images will not be uploaded, smaller images may be stretched. You can use any image editing software to change the size of a picture. Save as a .JPG. Uploading a new image will replace the old one. How do I add a bio? Log-In. Then in the left-hand toolbar under "Your Gallery Setup" follow a link that reads Public Profile. From this page there is a field to add your own "Bio". What should and shouldn't’t be in my bio? Delphi does not suggest putting personal information in your bio including your last name or home address. We have designed Delphi to provide a consistent visual experience and do not allow any user-created HTML formatting.

Site Abuse

Where can I find Delphi Artist Gallery Policies? Delphi Artist Gallery Rules and Terms of Use . Delphi also enforces a Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. How do I report a violation of Delphi's policies? Please report any violations to [email protected]. We take all such matters seriously and act on them promptly. What if I see something that shouldn't be sold on Delphi? Delphi does not accept adult content or profane or racist language or images. If you see a project you do not believe should be included on Delphi, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention. In the right-hand tool bar of every item page, there is a "Report this item to Delphi" link, which will send an email to us about that particular item. There is a drop down menu to select a reason for reporting and space to add an optional comment. If the link doesn't work with your computer's settings, you can email [email protected] directly. Please include a link to the listing or the projects’s name and screenname of the artist. What are the consequences for breaking Delphi’s policies? A person’s site privileges or account may be suspended or canceled based upon the offence.


What is reporting? How do I report an item? If you find an item on Delphi which appears to violate the Delphi Artist Gallery Rules, Terms of Use, or Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy you can report the issue directly to Delphi. Bring it to our attention by clicking "Report this item" in the right side tool bar on the item view page. Complete the simple form by selecting a reason and adding any additional information in the message field. We appreciate your help in keeping Delphi's Artist Glass an honest and safe place to view others artwork. Reporting Rules of Conduct Delphi is dedicated to providing a quality, customer friendly environment. We have a simple review process for everything that is posted on Delphi to discourage spam and inappropriate content. Reporting is a way to alert us to potential problems we missed. Use the “Report this item to Delphi” link on every item view page in the Artist Gallery. This is a confidential process. The member whose listing or profile is reported will not know who reported it. Additionally, Delphi's investigation will be handled privately; you will not receive a personal response to your message.
  • Reporting should be used to notify Delphi Glass of any item listing or Artist Gallery that violates any of Delphi’s Policies.
  • You may report if you feel that an item was accidentally put into the wrong category.
  • Do not report on the same issue multiple times.
In most cases, Delphi will work with a user privately to remedy the problem. Many problems are resolved quickly and simply. If a user does not respond to Delphi's communication in a timely manner, Delphi reserves the right to edit or remove any item. Delphi may also suspend or terminate a user's privileges. In some extreme cases, listings will be removed immediately. Abuse of the reporting system by means of repeatedly unjustified reports may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account. What happens when I report an item? Delphi associates review every reported item carefully. If the item appears to violate Delphi’s policies, the user will be contacted by email. In extreme cases the item may be removed from the site immediately. Reporting is confidential; only Delphi’s staff will know who the original report came from. I reported an item on accident. Can I undo it? There isn't a way to undo reporting, but don't worry, each report is reviewed by an actual person and not a computer program. If you flagged an item in error, it will be cleared when a Delphi Associate reviews the gallery. How will I know if one of my listings is reported? Delphi reviews each reported item before notifying the user. You will only be contacted if there is something you need to change about the listing or if Delphi's staff has questions about the item or gallery. If you do get an email from Delphi, it's important to respond promptly so the issue can be resolved quickly. You will be contacted by email at the email address on file in your account information, so be sure that information is kept up-to-date.

More Help

Will you add XYZ as a category? Please contact [email protected] with your suggestions. I have an idea to make Delphi better, would you like to hear it? We are always looking for ways to improve your customer experience. Please contact [email protected] with any suggestions you have. I didn't find my answer here. Where else can I get help? Check out these other resources:
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