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Artist Gallery Rules

Delphi Glass Artist Gallery is a free inspirational gallery for the sharing and viewing of finished art projects. Please read this page with care, as it explains what is expected of members of the Delphi Glass community. These policies only apply to Delphi and If you still have questions after reading these policies, please visit our Customer Service section or feel free to contact us. Membership You are responsible for your conduct and all content submitted under your username on Delphi Glass.
  • By joining Delphi Glass, all members agree to abide by the policies outlined here and in the Terms of Use.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to post on the Delphi Artist Gallery or to hold an account on Delphi Glass. If you are under 18, you must have the permission and supervision of a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years of age; that adult is responsible for the account.
  • You may not use profane or racist language or images in your username, avatar and/or public profile.
  • You may not transfer ownership or sell your Delphi Glass account to another party.
  • Artist Gallery names cannot be changed except in the event of documented legal action (such as trademark infringement) at Delphi Glass' discretion.
  • A Delphi Glass account cannot be used for the purpose of redirecting traffic to another web location, even if it is another Delphi Glass account. Exceptions may apply.
  • Please contact Support to have your account closed if you are no longer using it.
  • Keep your account information updated and accurate. Your account must have a valid email address at all times. Delphi Glass will use the email address on file in your account information to contact you when necessary.
  • Delphi Glass encourages all members to resolve their own disputes. As a venue, Delphi Glass cannot mediate disputes between members or other parties.
Breaking any of Delphi Glass' policies may result in suspension of account privileges and/or account termination. Multiple accounts held by one person Having more than one account ("multiple accounts" or "alternate accounts") is not something Delphi Glass encourages, as it has the potential to cause confusion. Keep in mind that accounts cannot be merged in any way, so if you change your mind later, you will not be able to transfer information (such as listings, public profile, etc.) from one account to another. Personal Artist Gallery We encourage you to create your own personal Artist Gallery page. In your public profile you may provide information about your art and experience in your public profile. We highly suggest you do not add any personal information including your last name or mailing address. Delphi Glass claims no responsibility on how information on your public profile is used by other Delphi Glass members or third parties.
Please observe the following rules when setting up your shop and creating product listings:
  • Do not make illegal use of photographs or written text, as this is in violation of Delphi Glass' Terms of Use. Contact the owner and ask permission.
  • Use of profane and/or racist language or images in the public areas of your Artist Gallery is not permitted.
  • You may not use the public areas of your account to demonstrate or discuss disputes with others.
  • Linking to another web location using HTML or any other coding language is prohibited. Some exceptions may apply.

Listing a craft project All posted listings on Delphi Glass must be of handmade craft products which meet the following Listing Requirements. Posting that do not comply with Delphi Glass' policies may be reported for review. See Reporting below for more details.

  • A listing cannot be used for the purpose of redirecting traffic to another web location, even if it is another Delphi Glass account. Linking to another web location from your listing is prohibited.
  • Five images are allowed per listing. Multiple views of listed item are encouraged. (Front/Back, Top/Bottom, Details, You with Your Project)
Mature content
  • Mature content is defined as: sexual activity or content, profane language or graphic violence.
  • Items containing mature content are not allowed.
  • Items are subject to review. If Delphi Glass evaluates the content to be mature, you will be asked to edit the listing to comply with these policies or remove the listing entirely.
  • Posting of mature content may result in suspension and/or termination of your membership.
Reporting Reporting is your way to alert Delphi Glass of potential problems. Use the "Report this item to Delphi" link on any item page you believe is inappropriate. This is a confidential process. The member whose listing is reported will not know who reported it. Additionally, Delphi Glass' investigation will be handled privately; you will not receive a personal response to your reporting message.
  • Reporting should be used to report any item listing or Artist Gallery that violates any of Delphi Glass' policies.
  • Do not report a single violation multiple times.
In most cases, Delphi Glass will work with a user privately to remedy the problem. If a gallery member does not respond to Delphi Glass' communication or requests in a timely manner, the item may be removed and the member's privileges may be suspended and/or terminated. In some extreme cases, listings will be removed immediately. Abuse of the reporting system may result in the suspension and/or termination of your membership.

Delphi Glass reserves the right to alter these policies at any time.

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