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Hello! I am a stained glass hobbyist and have been crafting for 25+ years. I also dabble in warm glass after my hubby bought me a kiln, and am excited by the opportunity to blend the two crafts to create unique pieces. Many of my projects are inspired by nature and are therefore very organic. HAPPINESS is going into my workshop with a cup of tea and some good music and losing myself in the whole creative process of a colorful glass project! Thank you Delphi for providing this great platform that enables us to showcase our creations!
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Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6 Kiln with TAP Controller And Furniture Kit

Delphi EZ-Pro 15-6 Kiln with TAP Controller And Furniture Kit

Item# 68813T
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Great kiln, May 24, 2021 5 stars
Good, compact size for small to medium projects, the TAP controller is awesome with preset firing schedules and room for seemingly endless custom programs, very easy to use, even for beginners like me.
Limited on the size of square molds that can be used... If you like to fire on molds like I do, carefully consider the size of the mold before buying, to ensure it will actually fit inside the kiln chamber. The hexagonal shape of this kiln accommodates, for example, a 13” disc (round mold), however does NOT accommodate a 12” square mold (because of the 4 corners). I learned the hard way when I unthinkingly purchased a 12” texture mold that doesn’t fit in the kiln. I’ll likely end up trimming the corners off with my ring saw.
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The stand that comes with the kiln is sturdy, but is only a few inches tall and is likely meant to be used if both are placed on an elevated working surface such as a table. Kilns situated on the floor are more easily accessed if placed on a higher stand.
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