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2 Fiber Strip - 12 Feet

2" Fiber Strip - 12 Feet

Item# 92819
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Fiber Strips, October 17, 2013 5 stars
The strips I received on Sept 2013 were straight and ready to use. Very durable. Saves me time and money!
Should have ordered three times what I did. Hesitated based on previous review. I did not have any problems.
jkbmrl comment on Simple Solutions to Glass Art Pet Peeves
December 26, 2012

I do agree, the shipping and handling costs are very high! I have stopped just placing an order when I see something I want. Currently I compare prices and S & H costs. I've even jumped in my car and driven 2 hours each way when I can save $150.00 all in. Unfortunately I don't think they will be coming down. So regrettably I now have to shop for prices. I love Delphi and I very much dislike having to go outside my go to glass dealer, but we all have to manage costs as well.

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