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Here at Delphi, we love a good reason to celebrate. With the Holiday Season still looming weeks away, we were feeling anxious for a bit of excitement now.

The good news? There are lots of lesser known holidays scattered throughout the year if you only look for them. (September includes a favorite of ours; National Talk Like a Pirate Day.) We needed another zany mood boost to get us through

Thats how we found this gem: Its National Pet Peeve Week!

In honor of this holiday we thought long and hard about what really gets under our skin and pushes our buttons while working on projects.

Check out our top glass art pet peeves, and the simple solutions sure to put a smile back on your face!

Mark Stay Pet Peeve: Disappearing Marker Lines

Solution: Mark Stay II saves the day! Just wipe a little over marker lines for stay-put patterns while grinding or using a saw.
Foil Dispenser Pet Peeve: All Tangled Up

Solution: A Foil Dispenser keeps rolls tidy and ready to use. No more fighting with unruly rolls!
Stress Tester Pet Peeve: COE Identity Crisis Causing Stress

Solution: Use Stress Tester to check compatibility in test strips. Easily figure out what that unlabeled glass might be.
Stuck on Shelf Wash Pet Peeve: Stuck On Shelf Wash

Solution: When your shelf wash just doesn't want to let go, soak your fused art in Wash Away to eliminate scrubbing.
Box Maker Pet Peeve: Alignment Issues

Solution: Assembling a box can be easy (and doesn't require 3 extra hands) with the Professional Box Maker.
Glass Organizer Pet Peeve: Glass Storage Is Out of Control

Solution: Glass Organizers make it easy to keep glass, patterns and books sorted and stored safely and neatly.
Pet Peeve: Waiting for Shelf Wash to Dry

Solution: Keep some Thin Fire Shelf Paper on hand, and you can get your project into the kiln and firing without the waiting.
Handy Foiler Pet Peeve: Folding and Burnishing Foil Takes Forever

Solution: The Handy Foiler with Smooth Roller makes short work of folding foil over on both sides of glass, and burnishes it smooth with a quick roller motion.
GlasTac Pet Peeve: Pieces Don't Stay Put

Solution: Keep glass in place while you move your project to the kiln with GlasTac.
Circle and Strip Cutter

Pet Peeve: Cutting True Circles or Strips Need We Say More?

Solution: The secret is in using a quality tool that won't slip while scoring circles or strips. Enter the Silberschnitt Portable Circle/Strip Cutter and Pad.
Overglaze Pet Peeve: Fused Glass Has a Dull Surface

Solution: Apply Clear Coat Overglaze and fire to smooth out and return shine to your fused project. It's lead free, so you can even use it on custom dishware.
Pattern Shears Pet Peeve: Pattern Shears and Small Designs Don't Get Along

Solution: Jim-EZE Pattern Shears have a shorter blade for easier control, and are made for both right and left handed artists!
Cork Backed Ruler Pet Peeve: Slip Sliding Away

Solution: A Cork Backed Ruler won't slide around or scratch glass. Measure, position and score without your line going off-course.
Panel Vise Pet Peeve: Burned Fingers While Soldering

Solution: Position your project in a panel vise to tin edges or apply jump rings, your project will be held securely so your hands are free and safe.
Grinder Cookie

Pet Peeve: Messed Up Mani

Solution: Grab a Grinder Cookie to securely position glass against the grinder bit and save your fingertips.
Magnifier Lamp Pet Peeve: Poorly Lit Workspace

Solution: Bring your art into brightly lit focus with a Magnifier Lamp.
Fine Grinder Bit Pet Peeve: Dichroic and Iridescent Glass Chipping

Solution: When you need to grind special glass, use a Fine Grinder Bit the smaller grit reduces the risk of flaking away surface coating.
Table Foiler Pet Peeve: Centering Foil Isn't Easy

The Table Foiler is quick and easy to set up, portable, and makes applying foil a breeze.

We also encourage you to share any of your art glass pet peeves and solutions you have come up with or products that turn your frown upside down......

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Riley B.  •  March 06, 2014
Yes. Shipping costs. I urge Delphi to reconsider shipping terms. As of the last year or so, I have found alternate sources for supplies. I come back here often, as Delphi has a GREAT website, but I use it for searching for items, and then I actually buy the item elsewhere. Make it easier for me, please!
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OFELIA C.  •  September 13, 2013
@jkbmrl Absolutely, shipping costs are the reason many of us stopped ordering.
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Joanne F.  •  September 02, 2013
Shipping cost are way too high! My last order was sent in a box that was 4 times what was needed. I won't order again unless there is a free shipping offer.
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Peggy K.  •  January 04, 2013
Yep, Shipping and Handling fees prevent me from making many orders I'd like to make. Really, why can't we pay ACTUAL costs to ship most economical way - or offer options for us to choose.
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Jeannie B.  •  December 26, 2012
I do agree, the shipping and handling costs are very high! I have stopped just placing an order when I see something I want. Currently I compare prices and S & H costs. I've even jumped in my car and driven 2 hours each way when I can save $150.00 all in. Unfortunately I don't think they will be coming down. So regrettably I now have to shop for prices. I love Delphi and I very much dislike having to go outside my go to glass dealer, but we all have to manage costs as well.
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Sabine M.  •  October 21, 2012
Shipping costs out of control!!!!!!!!
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Elizabeth J.  •  October 12, 2012
When shipping costs as much or more than your purchase.
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Saundra S.  •  October 12, 2012
shipping on glass & solder - YIKES!
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Angela H.  •  October 11, 2012
Cutting that last piece of glass for a project and it breaks just where you don't want it to and you don't have anymore of that glass in a size big enough to recut it!
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Maragret V.  •  October 11, 2012
Karina Foster

Karina Foster

Karina Foster been at Delphi since 1998. She started in customer service and later transferred to the merchandising department where she currently works to create Delphi catalogs and marketing materials. She is also responsible for Delphi's e-Commerce program. In addition, Karina is a talented glass artist. She has always loved art in any form, and has a self-proclaimed "over-stuffed" home art studio to prove it.