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Stained Glass Basics

Stained Glass Basics

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Self Taught Stained Glass, December 28, 2009 5 stars
This is THE single best stained glass book available! I was able to teach myself to do glass with the help of this book and used it to advance to an intermediate level of competency. It begins with one project that you can choose to make either by the copper foil (my choice) or leaded came method. After completing this, it presents additional projects that are quite nice, some more challenging than others, with hints on how to progress over various challenges. Wonderful photography, clear explanations, good methodology. I haven't seen it's equal. Even thought the word "Basics" appears in the title, it doesn't stop there but will help you to progress.
Waiting for the authors to do a second book. Maybe "Intermediate" or "Advanced". There are no cons.
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Love it. Re-read it. Reference it.
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