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Glass Eye 2000 Software

Glass Eye 2000 Software

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Works Great, June 4, 2009 5 stars
Very intuitive program. Has helped my design work a lot. Faster designs and allows resizing to fit the customers needs. Back ground pictures help to incorporate pictures into designs or show how a design piece will look in a room. It lets you know, if you ask, if there is a design problem, too small of pieces or pieces not colored, etc. I enjoy using it. I have had good customer service from them. They have been responsive and helpful.
Some of the features require you to upgrade to higher version of the program, but all of the features are available to try with the basic program, you just can't save or print those features. So you can play with them before you buy
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You can buy a large assortment of designs from Dragonfly in their file format. You can make them as is or modify them to suit your tastes.
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