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  • Draw your own lines and curves, or use the library of 400 patterns
  • Resize your patterns easily to the perfect size
  • Instantly numbers all of your pieces for you
  • Determine your glass needs with the materials usage calculator
  • Print patterns to your home printer - prints larger patterns on multiple sheets if necessary

Product Description

Glass Eye 2000 Standard Edition is the software that gives stained glass artists a simple way to create, adapt, and print custom patterns using their computers. Start with any of the 400 patterns in its library or design a pattern from scratch with a collection of easy to learn, easy to use drawing tools. Glass Eye 2000 has been called "the industry standard in stained glass design software" by both Spectrum Glass and Glass Patterns Quarterly. Runs on Windows 98 and all later versions, including Windows 8, 10 and 11, as well as Macs with Boot Camp, Parallels or VMware Fusion. The software occupies 64MB hard drive space.
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  • Draw Patterns and Add Glass Colors
    Use the drawing tools to create patterns, then apply realistic glass colors and textures.
  • Resize to Any Dimensions
    Scale your pattern to the size you need
  • Number the Pieces
    Instantly numbers even complex designs
  • Import Images from a Scanner or Digital Camera
    Use your favorite photos and more to design a pattern. Import images and trace to create pattern lines for a one-of-a-kind pattern.
  • Print Full-Size Patterns
    Print from your printer! If a design doesn't fit on a single sheet, it automatically "tiles" the image to several sheets you can then assemble into a full-size pattern.

    Getting Started is Easy! Software Includes:
  • Extensive help system (for an example see computer screen image below)
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Introductory Video
  • Free technical support for 30 days

  • Includes a calculator that shows materials usage, and a handy cost estimator that takes the guesswork out of pricing your design. For an example see the computer screen image below.
  • Experiment with different glass colors and textures in your design to visualize your creation before cutting a single piece. Glass Eye 2000 can number all your pieces instantly. For example see the numbered Hummingbird pattern below.
  • Includes 400 patterns, 77 from CKE. For an example see the Poppies pattern below.
  • Design with bevels. Includes bevel library with 72 stock bevels and 89 Mika bevel clusters. For an example see the bevel pattern below.

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Product Details

  • Runs on Windows 98 or later versions including Vista and Windows 7
  • Runs on Macs running Virtual PC or Boot Camp
  • Occupies 64 MB hard drive space

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Glass Eye 2000
By on
Pros : This is a great software for the beginner or pro. Easy to use out of the box. I can scan in a basic pattern from a book and trace it into the program in 5 min. including coloring and resizing. I've taken complex pictures from my camera, traced and colored in 45 min. Resizing is easy and accurate. The library designs are nice, but I do mostly original. Customers love that we can choose colors to get an idea of the effects. Color changes are easy. Can email jpgs for approval. Nothing like a signed approval before committing to a $1500 window. As far a customer service, I never needed them till last month when the computer crashed and I had to reload. They had me back running in one phone call.
Cons : Like all CAD software you need to design clean and make all lines connect. Its just good drafting habits or you will spend a little time to get all your pieces to take color. The colors are not exact but no picture does stained glass justice. Like everyone I've changed out my share of glass. The program may seem pricey if your used to free ware but I can use a $99 printer and print a 40" x 40" pattern by tiling and taping. It saved me from buying a $6,000 plotter and plotter paper. The software paid for its self on the first window, and I wrote the up-grade off on my taxes the next year. If your computer crashes you need to call them for a re-load but its no big deal.
Other Thoughts : This program makes me money.
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24 of 24 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
  •   Works Great
By on
Pros : Very intuitive program. Has helped my design work a lot. Faster designs and allows resizing to fit the customers needs. Back ground pictures help to incorporate pictures into designs or show how a design piece will look in a room. It lets you know, if you ask, if there is a design problem, too small of pieces or pieces not colored, etc. I enjoy using it. I have had good customer service from them. They have been responsive and helpful.
Cons : Some of the features require you to upgrade to higher version of the program, but all of the features are available to try with the basic program, you just can't save or print those features. So you can play with them before you buy
Other Thoughts : You can buy a large assortment of designs from Dragonfly in their file format. You can make them as is or modify them to suit your tastes.
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9 of 9 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
  •   No Experience Necessary
By on
Pros : I have been using Glass Eye 2000 for several years now and I just love it. Right from the start I was able to use the program without any training or experience. No more running to the copy store or guessing what color glass I should use. You can even add your glass and texture files to there already large library of glass files, and at a touch of a button or two I can change the glass color or resize the pattern to what ever size I want. I know how my panel will look before I cut my first piece of glass. This program takes all the hard and technical work of designing away from me and lets me get to what I like doing best - Creating. I use Glass Eye 2000 on 95% of the work that I produce. Whether I'm working with lead or foil or both in the same panel, this program does it all. It even allows me to figure the material cost of my panels.
Cons : Because it is so much fun and it gets my creative juices flowing, I tend to spend more time than I should on designing a pattern.
Other Thoughts : I tried other programs but became frustrated because I had no technical experience or the program lacked in it's software design. Not with Glass Eye 2000.
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13 of 13 people found this review helpful

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