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Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

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Perfect for small projects or just getting started, October 7, 2009 5 stars
It is simple to use and does work wonderfully! I purchased this because my big kiln broke and I had some jewelry orders to fill. Took no more than 4 minutes in the microwave with 40 minutes of cooling time to produce just what I needed. I will definitely continue to use this in the future for small projects or just making 1 or 2 pieces. I recommend using the Thinfire Shelf paper instead of what is supplied because of the rough back it creates. Thinfire definitely makes a smoother back.
Finished edges are a little rough but can use grinder to smooth them.
Other Thoughts
I recommend this for a beginner or casual hobbyist because of the inexpensive price tag. The total area is perfect for jewelry.
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