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If you are a serious lampworker - you MUST have th, October 29, 2010 5 stars
This is by far the best purchase I made aside from my torch and oxy/con. I suffer from bad neck pain, and I can't imagine trying to work at a torch without this trusty friend. It was worth every penny!! It also greatly improves your detail work because it steadies your arms and hands and is fully adjustable unlike some other similar products. I could just go on and on..... :O)
2 oz Rainbow Dichroic Coarse Frit on Clear- 90 COE

2 oz Rainbow Dichroic Coarse Frit on Clear- 90 COE

Item# CFRB1
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Dichroic Frit on Clear - great stuff!, October 27, 2010 5 stars
Lots of color, and creates a different look than just fusing squares of different textures and patterns of dichro sheet together. The pieces I make with this are usually big sellers.
Really works best if you fuse this using two layers of black as a base then a clear coat on top, so it does take a bit more glass than the typical two layer fuse and one extra full fuse cycle in the kiln. I just charge more for the pieces.
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I work with slabs and then use a ring saw to cut pieces up after and then fire polish them. The way I have found that this product works best for me is to place it on top of two sheets (4x4's for me)of either black or cobalt blue glass (the blue is my favorite), full fuse, then cover with a sheet of clear and full fuse again. This creates the least amount of bubbles and covers up the rough edges that can be left behind if you don't clear cap it. I then cut the slab up with a ring saw and fire polish to finish. The pieces are beautiful!
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