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Taurus 3 Speed Blade

Taurus 3 Speed Blade

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3.0 speed blade, April 21, 2010 5 stars
WOW! Great to use blade. Why didn't I switch to this sooner? Super fast, smooth cutting. Like previous review, almost like machine is new. Much smaller kerf (gap). Can use side of blade like a grinder to perfect edges not cut. Liked being able to fully see my cutting line again, since it doesn't need that adapter to keep from wobbling like regular blade does. Cut 20 Cardinals wings in a FRACTION of time it take to cut a couple with normal blade!
Wonder how long it lasts since you only really go from the front on cutting instead of all around. From back is MUCH slower (like normal blade) and wobbles a bit. A little tight to initially get in the channel when installing.
Other Thoughts
Should probably include instruction on set up. Not sure if I'm supposed to use the stability adapter or not, but found blade pretty stable without it. If lasts long enough to justify expense, will definitely buy again!!!!
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