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Stainless Steel Versatile Slumper

Stainless Steel Versatile Slumper

Item# 4269
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barrette mold, July 2, 2009 4 stars
I really like this one. It has the right shape for the clips i buy.
I put fiber paper on the second set. It made the back rough enough for the glue to stick better
9 Lotus Torchier Base

9" Lotus Torchier Base

Item# 9452BRZ
torchier, January 1, 2009 4 stars
Nice size for a accent lamp.
Wish it used a bigger light bulb (like a frigerator bulb, the long thin ones)
Sealed End Clear Cylinder 10 Pack - 90 COE

Sealed End Clear Cylinder 10 Pack - 90 COE

Item# 103100
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clear cylinder, January 1, 2009 5 stars
This was so fun. I haven/t worked with a torch much, but I had a ball with this. Out of 14, I got 2 really good ones, 6 really fun ones, and 6 total rejects. But it was fun. This just means that I'm going to have to take a torch class in las vegas.
Needs to come with some directions. I found some on the internet, but it would have been easier if it came with them.
Other Thoughts
Everyone who's ever thought about blowing glass should try this. You'll realize why they charge so much for the classes. It was FUN!!
1/4 Diamond Copper Mesh

1/4" Diamond Copper Mesh

Item# 85087
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diamond copper mesh, January 1, 2009 5 stars
I loved the look I got with this product. I even put it into a couple of my dichroic beads.
the hardest part was getting the fold to lay down.
Other Thoughts
Would like to see you get some with a larger pattern.
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