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KayFCook1 comment on Art Glass: A New Pastime in China
January 18, 2014

This is very scary to me. I used to be a ceramics teacher. The Chinese began doing ceramics and we were put out of business. They could undersell us. Now the Chinese are doing glass. I wonder how long we will have? I'm already seeing stuff at Michaels and at craft shows. It's made in China. Makes me sick!

Silver Plated Fluted Bails - 5 Pack

Silver Plated Fluted Bails - 5 Pack

Item# 91808
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I love them, April 8, 2013 5 stars
I use all of these because they add class to my pieces.
Triolyse Adhesive

Triolyse Adhesive

Item# 77201
Triolyse Adhesive, July 7, 2009 4 stars
I have really liked this adhesive. I have found that it holds better when I put activator liquid on both pieces. I also find that the activator darkens with age. I'm not sure what that means. I do like it. I find once it sets up I have to soak it in alcohol a couple of hours or so to remove bail. Sometimes folks love piece but have to have a different color bail.
Need more adhesive and less activator. I opened a new package the other day and the adhesive had hardened in the applicator tip. I had to unscrew the tip with pliers and use a toothpick to use. This made it much easier to spill which I did a couple of times. When I tried to use the tips off of previous packages I found the little bit left in the bottle had done the same thing
Other Thoughts
This is very good adhesive but has to be handled carefully. The bails need to be held until the adhesive sets up enough to hold them in place.
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