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I have enjoyed breaking glass for 3 decades. It is very satisfying to break something and create something beautiful from it. I was given this gift and I often share my work with family and friends, as I do not sell it. I sign my work by adding a small piece of sea glass that I've collected from the beach, and try to work it into the design with a minimum of grinding to make it fit. It is my signature.
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Cutter's Mate Mini Extra Starter Kit

Cutter's Mate Mini Extra Starter Kit

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Awesome product!, July 27, 2013 5 stars
This is the best glass cutter I've ever used and is well worth the money. I have suffered from numbing in my hands for many years but refuse to quit cutting glass, and this product allows me to continue doing what I love to do! With this cutter, you do not need to apply pressure, simply guide the cutting tool, it's so easy. The assembly directions are easy to follow and in minutes you are "good to go". I have had no problem cutting 6-7 inch pieces and can cut pieces even larger with some adjustments. I have found the waffle grid to be very useful and will soon purchase 2 or 3 more panels, as they really help stabilize the glass. Awesome product!
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For the money, it would be beneficial to have four of the waffle grid panels.
Glass by Gina Mace June
Glass by Gina Mace June
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