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Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

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Worth the money for a newbie, July 15, 2009 4 stars
Everything is provided for you. There's no getting home from the craft store and then realizing that you forgot to buy something "necessary". Incredibly fast! Three minutes in the microwave and 30 minutes to cool. I'm assuming it has to be a lower energy usage compared to a conventional kiln.
Super small firing area. Made smaller by their directions of leaving 5/8" of space between the glass and the edge. All the glass including the confetti was packaged in regular plastic bags. Be very carefull how you handle them. Those sharp edges cut right through the plastic. I would have like to see a project booklet included. Because the kiln is so small I can see the potential of outgrowing it. Maybe this isn't as much a con because I can still use it for small projects.
Other Thoughts
I was very nervous the first time I used this kiln. I never took my eyes off the microwave "just in case". I was completely shocked when I pulled the kiln out three minutes later (just like the instructions said) and had a great piece of fused glass. I am a complete beginner at this type of thing. I'm not artistically talented by any means. I think this is a really good way to introduce yourself to fused glass.
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