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Gypsy's Rainbow is an Art Gallery those who share a love for the beauty of glass. This site was created by Artist Jill Groves in honor of her beloved canine Gypsy who went to run in Dog Heaven on March 23, 2010. From the time I was a little girl, I have always loved the act of creation. My favorite class in school was ART! I tried out print-making, macrame, calligraphy, water color, and pencil drawing to name a few. When I was 19, I joined the US Postal Service as a "part-time" Letter Carrier in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. My part-time job turned quickly into a full-time career. Before long, I was juggling single motherhood, attending college at night in addition to building as my postal career. For the next 35 years, my artistic pursuits by necessity shifted into in low gear. However, over these years, my compulsion to create continued and expanded. Through those years I dabbled in creative writing, decorating my homes, flower arranging, gardening, sewing, and stained glass in my spare time. Finally after 35 years, in January 2009, I was able to retire from the USPS. Following my retirement, I was left with a lot of time on my hands, a lot of energy and a lot of ideas swimming about in my brain. I finally decided that my life would become a mixture of doing what I love, creating and volunteering my time and talents to local community organizations. With the support of my loving husband, Randall, I ave embarked on a new stage of my life as an artist and small business owner. My business is Manor Ridge Creations and I work out of my home in Fremont OHIO. I create works of art mainly in the medium of GLASS: stained glass, fused glass & mosaics.
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Bullseye GlasTac Gel Fusing Adhesive - 4 oz

Bullseye GlasTac Gel Fusing Adhesive - 4 oz

Item# B8268
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Works Great But, March 27, 2015 3 stars
Holds much more swiftly than the regular glastac
Will mar surface of some glass especially dark glass so use sparingly.
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