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9-1/2 Large Premium Wood Box

9-1/2" Large Premium Wood Box

Item# 639107
lovely box, July 30, 2013 5 stars
These boxes are beautifully made and easy to use. I've made almost a dozen, planned to sell them but have used most as gifts. It's easy to glue in the glass...I use fused glass with silkscreened designs or lampworked ornaments (flowers, grapes....etc)
They are a little expensive for subsequent resale, so I think you need to make a really sensational piece of glass to inset so as to be able to charge enough for the final piece to recoup your investment in the box itself.
Wissmach White Opal 10 Circle - 90 COE

Wissmach White Opal 10" Circle - 90 COE

Item# 11809
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almost all with uneven edges, May 27, 2013 1 stars
can't say much for them
the reason I ordered these was to avoid the uneven edges I often get when cutting white glass...well, most of the ones I ordered had rougher edges than I usually make myself. not much of a help!
Other Thoughts
I know that white is hard to cut, but these were very shoddy looking.
Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

Item# 424848
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It works!, May 26, 2011 5 stars
I bought this to see if I wanted to invest in a glass fusing kiln. This little thing works, it's not exact you have to get used to how long to leave things in. It works and it's lots of fun. I am so glad I bought this, now I have a fusing kiln I would never have bought the kiln without starting off with this.
Really, I can't think of any.
Leaf Masher - 3 Pack

Leaf Masher - 3 Pack

Item# 6996
excellent, December 18, 2010 5 stars
great for both lampwork and hot glass...they seem very durable
none as yet
Other Thoughts
versatile, inexpensive...
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