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Creative Images Color Slide

Creative Images Color Slide

Item# 8303
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This product is great if you use a color laser cop, December 31, 2016 5 stars
Sharp, brilliant images when printed properly on a color laser as directed. These are designed only for color laser printer, do not use inkjet printers for this product. If you do not have a color laser take your file to OfficeMax and have them print them on their color laser. The color laser settings at my OfficeMax are: Use tray 5, paper in SEF format, and use coated 2 setting. They come out exceptional and do not jam at these settings.
Getting the sheets to feed properly in a color laser is trial and error. Once you get the proper color laser setting you are good to go.
Oval Trio Earring & Pendant Jewelry Mold

Oval Trio Earring & Pendant Jewelry Mold

Item# 80750
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Mold poorly designed, June 20, 2013 1 stars
Nice shape, but!
Creative Paradise missed the design. The internal protusions are too steep. They have forgotten that the coefficient of contraction of glass is larger than ceramic. Thus, when the glass cools after fusing, the glass shrinks faster than the ceramic clamping itself on the internal posts. At the same time the glass on the perimeter shrinks away from the outside of the mold. Now the glass is clamped onto the vertical posts. Let's just say the posts were straight up and down then there is no way of getting the glass off short of breaking the posts off as others have reported. Now these posts are very close to vertical by bad design. If the posts had a more conical shape with a large flare out, then there would be forces that would help pop the glass out. Check some other molds and you will find highly sloped internal posts which will have a lower chance of sticking. Your other choice is reducing friction as has been suggested by using MR-97. I have not tried, so i can't comment.
Other Thoughts
I would not buy this mold unless it is redesigned. I have had all the problems listed by others. You may get 2-3 firing before the posts fail. You must rekiln wash after each use. Take no chences by reusing old kiln washed mold. The high shrinkage of glass on to the post will crack and fail the kiln wash even if it looks good.
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