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I'm a nurse who's wanted to do stained glass since I was in my 20's (half a lifetime ago!).
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Table Foiler

Table Foiler

Item# 68101
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Works great!, January 20, 2013 5 stars
I started using this foiler and the time I spend foiling has been cut in half, literally. It took some practice and a little getting used to as far as adjusting it so it foiled evenly, but once I had it down, I was able to breeze through foiling with the greatest of ease!
I had a little trouble initially adjusting it and I find myself not using it for tiny pieces (which I am slowly learning to avoid anyway!) I still hand foil the teeny pieces like leaves on flowers or even some edge pieces.
Other Thoughts
I accidentally put an older roll of foil that I had sitting around, on the foiler and there was some adhesive or something sticky on the roll. It HAS to be good quality foil which comes off the roll easily or it will disappoint you. Other than that, I LOVE this new tool!
Weller 100 Watt Soldering Iron

Weller 100 Watt Soldering Iron

Item# 5002
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Troubleshooting, February 7, 2012 3 stars
When it works and heats evenly, this iron is great. I'm new to stained glass and had fun with the first 5 or 6 projects.
I started a large project, picked up the iron, touched the solder with it and it isn't heating properly. It's been a headache! I've tried extra cleaning, I've tried extra flux, I've unscrewed the tip and cleaned inside, but it's still not getting hot enough to do a nice job. It's almost not worth it if the products are that bad and keep having to be replaced. I've had my iron for less than one year and have done about a dozen projects with it.
2Nd Story Work Surface

2Nd Story Work Surface

Item# 7225
Unclear, September 1, 2011 3 stars
Maybe I'm just dense, but the pegs on the bottom of this unit don't fit into my Wizling CG grinder surface. The little legs you see in the picture don't allow the unit to sit down on the original surface. I'm sure it'll work once I figure out how to make this "sit down" onto my original surface.
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