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Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

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Instructions Seriously Lacking!, November 21, 2011 3 stars
Good for firing small pendants and earrings. Much cheaper than a regular kiln. Also, you do not need a special area for a real kiln. It's also quick and relatively easy once you work out the best way to use it.
The instructions are poor! They only mention firing on full power. I have found this does not work well. I ruined a lot of glass to start with. I have found that 3-4 minutes on 50% power to slowly warm up the kiln and then 3-4 minutes on 75% power works well. This also depends on whether you are fusing 2 or 3 pieces of glass. It is recommended not to fuse more than 6mm in total. It is also fine to have a quick peek to check how the fusing is going. Some instructions tell you not to peek under any circumstances. The other problem I had initially was that the paper I was provided left the piece with sharp edges and a rough bottom. Now that I use Bullseye thinfire paper I have no problems with this.
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More detailed instructions would have been really useful. Hope all this helps new people to fusing without the enormous amount of frustrations that I have experienced.
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