Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

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Product Features

  • Fires fusible and dichroic glass in as little as 3 minutes
  • Safe and simple to use
  • 2-3/4" firing chamber
  • Overall dimensions 4-3/4" dia x 3-1/4" high
  • Use with any 800-1200 watt microwave with metal interior
  • Create fun fused art in this mini kiln; kiln is not designed for use with slumping or casting molds

Product Description

Fuse Glass Right in Your Microwave!
Beginners can get started quickly and easily. One of the most affordable kilns on the market, with Fuseworks you'll be making gorgeous glass jewelry, bottle stoppers, drawer knobs and embellishments in no time!

Now you can create custom kiln-fired art without having to invest in a large kiln. Best of all, it works extremely fast. The 2-3/4" internal fusing platform is perfect for fusing jewelry pieces or embellishments in as little as 3 minutes. Lightweight and compact for easy portability and storage. Includes complete instructions. For use with an 800-1200 watt microwave with metal interior. Results may vary based on microwave.

Fuseworks Kiln has been tested safe for use in a household microwave. Manufacturer recommends cleaning the microwave after each use and to begin testing with a shorter time, following manufacturer instructions.

Create fun fused art in this mini kiln; kiln is not designed for use with slumping or casting molds.

Step-By-Step: Dichroic Bracelet Made in the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

step 1
Step 1. Using Wheeled Glass Nippers #2039, nip dichroic and clear glass into squares.
step 2
Step 2. Cut a piece of Thin Fire paper #7405 to cover the base of kiln.
step 3
Step 3: Place dichroic glass squares, dichroic side up, on paper. Position a clear square on top of each. Cover with lid and fire. Repeat until you have 11 fused cabochons.
step 4
Step 4. Using adhesive, glue cabochons on bracelet disks. Allow to cure.
step 5
Project images courtesy of Diamond Tech.

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Product Details

  • Power requirements: For use with an 800-1200 watt microwave with metal interior.
  • Temperature controller: N/A
  • Firing chamber: 2-3/4"
  • Shipping weight: 4 lb.
  • Manufacturer: Fuseworks

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4 out of 5 stars
  •   wishing for molds
By on
Pros : I love this little kiln since I mostly wanted to make "eyes" and nuggets of any color. Works beautifully with the thin fire paper. Have been having a ball with it.
Cons : Now wishing I had the $ to buy a larger kiln since there aren't any molds. Didn't care for the fiber paper or instructions.
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5 of 8 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5 stars
  •   It's doings what's it supposed to do
By on
Pros : For a project I needed opal glass nuggets from 10 to 15 mm (approximately) and the ready-made were not quite good - limited colors do not allow to create "shadowed" realistic effect. With this small kiln I solved my problem easily. Allows to make 3-5 nuggets at a time even with the simplest microwave I used - 650 watts or so. It's simple, handy, inexpensive and allows to create some small but interesting details for a stained glass project if you need something like a bud or a bee and do not want (or there is just no space) the soldered lines.
Cons : None so far.
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3 of 5 people found this review helpful
3 out of 5 stars
  •   Instructions Seriously Lacking!
By on
Pros : Good for firing small pendants and earrings. Much cheaper than a regular kiln. Also, you do not need a special area for a real kiln. It's also quick and relatively easy once you work out the best way to use it.
Cons : The instructions are poor! They only mention firing on full power. I have found this does not work well. I ruined a lot of glass to start with. I have found that 3-4 minutes on 50% power to slowly warm up the kiln and then 3-4 minutes on 75% power works well. This also depends on whether you are fusing 2 or 3 pieces of glass. It is recommended not to fuse more than 6mm in total. It is also fine to have a quick peek to check how the fusing is going. Some instructions tell you not to peek under any circumstances. The other problem I had initially was that the paper I was provided left the piece with sharp edges and a rough bottom. Now that I use Bullseye thinfire paper I have no problems with this.
Other Thoughts : More detailed instructions would have been really useful. Hope all this helps new people to fusing without the enormous amount of frustrations that I have experienced.
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15 of 17 people found this review helpful

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