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Youghiogheny Marigold and White Opal High Strike Mottle

Youghiogheny Marigold and White Opal High Strike Mottle

Item# Y5501HS
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Marigold Yogi., December 10, 2018 5 stars
Elegant design. Excellent light transmission. Spring like colors. Mottling apparent but not overwhelming. Smooth cutting surface seemed coated to the cutting wheel. Still cut cleanly without issues.
My sheets (5) were more orange-red /yellow than the gold /yellow... still drop dead gorgeous color combinations.
Other Thoughts
Glass clearly has two potential presentation sides. One side a much lighter, whispy color combination and somewhat wavy/rough texture... may prove to be an interesting presentation face... probably a challenging side to cut unless you have use a saw. This Yougi. glass is outstanding.
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