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Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

Fuseworks Microwave Fusing Start-Up Kit - 90 COE

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Wonderful, November 15, 2012 5 stars
I have always wanted to try fusing but being a silver artist I never wanted to put glass in my kiln so I purchased the microwave one. This morning I made my first piece. I tried to cut a sheet prior to putting it into the kiln but could not seperate it so I put it in as it was got a very funky shape to it and sold it before I even put it on a chain. Great for me to fill in my time between silver firings. Just perfect for my needs
Possibly not enough kiln paper but what a trip when you first open up your kiln and see your first piece.
Other Thoughts
Suggest purchasing more glass and a glass pliers because some of the glass is too large for this kiln but it is a dream come true for me I may be old but I am still learning.
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