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8-1/2 Spoon Rest

8-1/2" Spoon Rest

Item# 4247
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Great Product, March 11, 2013 5 stars
Easy to use, Small & economical for selling
Took me 5 firings to figure out the correct slumping schedule since it has a deep "pocket" for the end of the spoon.
Other Thoughts
But after I finally got the firing schedule set up, this mold produced consistent results.
5-5/8 Folding Mold

5-5/8" Folding Mold

Item# 94202
Difficult, March 11, 2013 2 stars
Will give you a 90 degree bend
You have to make a "dam" in order for the glass to not slide down and off the mold for your 90 degree bend. Also, this mold is HUGE - I can only get 2 in my 18" Jen Ken Kiln.
Other Thoughts
If you can find another way to get the 90 degree bend needed to use the Business Card Holder as the second mold - go for it. For me, I soaked fiber paper in kiln wash & "glued" it in place at the right length. It is necessary to build up the thickness of the "dam" so that the glass will sit flat on the mold without pushing over the top of the fiber paper. This works well for 2 or 3 firings before the paper begins to disintergrate. A better solution is needed.
Business Card Holder Mold

Business Card Holder Mold

Item# 92400
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Somewhat difficult to use, March 11, 2013 4 stars
When correctly fired, this makes a beautiful piece.
The triangle mold for the first bend needs to have a "dam" to brace the glass against or it will slide off the mold. If you tilt the triangle mold to prevent slippage, it won't give you the correct fired angle on the glass. Beware of over firing for the Card Holder. The inside curve (where the cards sit) likes to draw the glass in - sort of warping the glass. Also the glass will want to pull down past the back edge of the mold if over fired (even though there's a slight lip to the mold)
Other Thoughts
Once you get the schedule figured out, these are fairly easy to do.
9-1/4 Curved Spoon Rest

9-1/4" Curved Spoon Rest

Item# 62804
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Problematic, March 11, 2013 3 stars
If you can get the glass to correctly acquire the mold shape, this makes a beautiful piece.
The mold looks great, but getting the glass to correctly acquire the mold is very difficult. When drawing your pattern, make the bowl of the spoon rest slightly larger & more rounded that the shape implies. You will need the edges of the glass to overhang the spoon bowl by nearly 1/4". Be careful of overfiring.
Other Thoughts
If you've done other shallow slumping, start with one of those programs and modify as needed to make a firing schedule for this mold. Remember that every piece of glass has a different specific gravity. You will have some successes and some "art". I've made more than a dozen of these and every one has turned out differntly - only 3 of the 24+ have actually correctly acquired the mold shape.
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