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I have been a stained glass artisan since 1980...I started out making panels for many years and then got hooked on making Tiffany reproduction shades....I have a great glass supplier in Southern California and I am also close to Odyssey and Paul Crist Studios for getting all my hardware and Lamp Bases....To date I have made about 400 shades....I plan on making shades until my fingers wear out....This is a passion and complete addiction....I have a great website, been featured in a few articles and magazines and also got a 12 lamp spread in the beautiful book, Tiffany Techniques by Edith Crouch.....I have been a member of the Association of Stained glass lamp artists since 1998.....
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lampartist comment on 16 inch poppy lamp
August 18, 2017

Nice little poppy miss leary...from your pal scott riggs...just found this...

lampartist comment on Tiffany Greek Key Lamp
March 31, 2017

Good job on the brick pattern....Excellent shade...I know you had to make the pattern for this.....I too have made a greek key but I think your brick pattern looks better.....Scott Riggs

lampartist comment on The Peony Garden- Nichols Arboretum
March 17, 2016

This is a masterpiece.....

lampartist comment on 24" border peony Tiffany lampshade
March 17, 2016

A picture of a 22" peony pops up and I cannot delete it by editing....Oh well...I have entered the Green Border Peony to the online festival...

lampartist comment on 26" Oriental Poppy
April 18, 2014

@mjparker In case you have not found my website..... Scott

lampartist comment on Tiffany 28" Magnolia
April 18, 2014

Thank you Michael on your kind words about both of my entries into the lamp category.....Scott Riggs

lampartist comment on 26" Oriental Poppy
April 18, 2014

@mjparker Hi MJ..... This Oriental poppy was a custom order and went to the state of Kentucky......95% of my shades made today are commissioned from all over the states ...I would be happy to talk to your collector or yourself about some future business .....My email is [email protected] cell is 714 472-7704 Thank you, Scott Riggs

Scott Riggs Tiffany's
Scott Riggs Tiffany's
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