Tiffany Greek Key Lamp

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My interpretation of Tiffany's Greek Key pattern. I created my own pattern and constructed the lamp on a 22" mold from a prior project. Rather than positioning the upper 16 rows of glass in vertical collumns as Tiffany did with his lamps, I "bricked" them which created a very different look. Glass selections are a combination of Youghiogheney and Uroboros and the shade sits on an Odyssey "Jacobs Ladder" base. This was my entry into the 2016 Delphi Art Glass Festival (in Lansing, MI. Not online). I am proud to say that it won the lamp division as well as the "People's Choice" award.

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Monday, April 10, 2017
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@lampartist Coming from you, Scott, I take this as a huge compliment. When I am looking for inspiration for a new project, I have often gone to your website to view your incredible lamps. Your artistry and glass selection put your lamps in a category where there are few if any peers. Thank You for the kind words! Dave Johnson.


Friday, March 31, 2017
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Good job on the brick pattern....Excellent shade...I know you had to make the pattern for this.....I too have made a greek key but I think your brick pattern looks better.....Scott Riggs