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Small Ceramic Half Cylinder Lamp Base

Small Ceramic Half Cylinder Lamp Base

Item# 806125
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like it, but it's expensive, June 24, 2010 4 stars
I can spray paint base in any color I want. Complete product with everything needed.
Adds to the price of my lamps before I even start.
Business Card / Napkin Holder Mold

Business Card / Napkin Holder Mold

Item# 80656
Good idea, needs tweaking, December 18, 2009 4 stars
good size for bus card holder.
needs to be tweaked so that it curves outward a little down the sides. I always use thinfire to prevent sticking, but the shape of the mold encourages the glass to come in a little on the sides making it very difficult to get off the mold. If the mold was slightly convex, the glass would slip off easily.
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