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tcjudy comment on M22
November 13, 2013

I saw this piece and knew it was someone from Northern Michigan. Then I checked out the rest of your art and saw Glen Lake, Arts Tavern and Sleeping Bear. I really like the Sleeping Bear panel. Nice work!

tcjudy comment on The Busker
April 11, 2012

Amazing work! It looks like a photo.

tcjudy comment on Standing Stained Glass Reindeer
July 12, 2011

Very nice design and great soldering!

tcjudy comment on Glass Bandsaws: Advantages and Disadvantages
September 21, 2009

I tried chapstick and vaseline at other's recommendations.  I also tried letting the Sharpies or paint markers dry before cutting.  None of those methods worked for me.  Then I covered my lines with scotch tape or clear packing tape.  Works like a charm!  I was told on another Glass Blog that the tape would gum up my bandsaw.  I figure it can't be any worse than chapstick or vaseline and probably much better.  Tape does not make my water cloudy like chapstick does.  I have used this method for two years and my bandsaw is fine.  I would love to know if anybody has used the tape method and if it harmed their saw.

Soldering Savvy DVD

Soldering Savvy DVD

Item# 6898D
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Beginners Only, January 6, 2009 2 stars
This is a short DVD.
As a stained glass hobbyist, I was hoping to improve my soldering skills. Alas, this DVD only provided basic soldering advice.
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