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I'm a retired non-profit and state government employee that found stained glass very late in life. I even had a favorite uncle that repaired and worked on stained glass at his church for many many years, but I had no idea how much I would come to love working with glass myself. A dear friend joined me at our first class and I've not stopped since. Support of friends and spouse is huge, and I've had it by the basketful. Glass artists are a dime a dozen, but the beauty of it is that everyone has a different take on colors, design and materials and no two pieces are ever identical! I think its a fantastic medium and I love admiring others' work and drawing inspiration from their artistry. My business is CedarRidgeGlass in Frankfort, KY and I am taking orders on all types of projects at the present time.
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10 Prairie V-Mission Stand

10" Prairie V-Mission Stand

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Perfect Display, September 30, 2021 5 stars
Reliably sturdy quality materials
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I love this stand because it showcases your glass work without being too traditional. Rounds and squares are a dime a dozen - whereas this shape lends itself to being extra creative.
Karen Morganti Stained Glass
Karen Morganti Stained Glass
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