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Simple Yough Bevel Panel Feb. 20 2024
Crashing Wave Feb. 20 2024
C7 Corvette Emblem LED Light box
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 22 2022
612 Mansion Arch
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 22 2022
Purple Mountains Moon and Stars Oct. 14 2021
C7 Corvette Emblem Jul. 22 2021
Sunny Daze Jul. 22 2021
Sun and Landscape Arch Panel
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Feb. 12 2020
Favorites Feb. 10 2018
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Karen Morganti Stained Glass
Karen Morganti Stained Glass
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joined:Jan 22, 2017
location:frankfort, KY US
display name:karenmorganti

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