Off-Hand Flamework Glassblowing with Suellen Fowler Class Details

Off-Hand Flamework Glassblowing with Suellen Fowler

Starts:        Ends: 

Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Instructor: Suellen Fowler

Approx. Material Cost: Included

Experience Required: Beginner/intermediate to accomplished skill levels welcome in the class.

Type of Class: Lecture, demonstration and hands-on

Class Description: In this three-day class, students will learn an unusual style of ‘off-hand’ flamework glassblowing techniques, first developed by John Burton. The student will learn to blow a bubble on the end of a glass blowpipe, building up a gather with successive layers of clear and color, and using cane to decorate the bubble before the final shaping of a perfume bottle, an ornament or a blown bead. We will also make small, detailed sculptures of birds or animals. The class will have an opportunity to learn how to make their own colored rods from oxide formulas hand mixed over a torch. I developed these formulas in 70’s, and a number are the basic formulas behind commercial boro colors such as amber purple, ruby red, and blue green amber purple. 

Safety: Please do NOT wear open toed shoes or sandals, long pants are recommended but not mandatory. Natural fiber clothes are best, cotton, linen, etc. Long hair should be tied back. Safety glasses must be worn, glasses are provided in class if needed.

Tools & Materials Included: Use of torches and all materials including borosilicate glass.

Additional Tools & Materials: Didymium glasses (will be provided if necessary) and any other favorite flameworking tools.

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  • Cost: $650
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  • Flameworking
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