2-Day Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants with Kent Lauer Class Details

2-Day Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants with Kent Lauer

With:  Kent Lauer

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Where:  Delphi's Lansing Creativity Center

When:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

In truly one of the most unique art glass classes available anywhere, please join master Cold Working artist Kent Lauer for two unforgettable days of creating beautiful, faceted Dichroic pendants. In two days you will learn techniques that will leave you amazed and delighted with what you created with your own hands. Kent hasn't been to Delphi for years, if you've ever wanted to take a class from him this would be the time. These awesome coldworking techniques also apply to any other facet of art glass, whether it be fused, blown, or cast glass, the applications are endless, and incredibly valuable to any glass artist who wants to take their glass art to a new dimension. 
This exciting class will cover all aspects of creating these breathtaking pendants, from cutting 1/2" thick glass, to laminating and faceting a four-sided diamond shaped pendant, and on the second day, learn to make a curved pendant.  Several layers of CBS Dichroic Glass will be laminated within two pieces of 1/4" Starphire glass, then ground and polished into an incredible jewel.  Not only will the student learn to make the Dichroic pendants in this intensive class, at the same time you are learning the basics of coldworking, beveling, and using UV adhesives. It's really like 3 classes in one. No experience required. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention from Kent.  Students will make 4 pendants, two square flat faceted, and two curved pendants, which in value, pay for the class, not counting the knowledge and excitement they will take away from 2 incredible days.   Students will have the option of affixing bails or findings (custom finding available for purchase) to the pendants the day of the class, or taking them home to be wire wrapped, or set in silver.  Please be aware that this is a very hands on class, you will be standing for long periods, and using your hands to hold the pieces you are working on against fast moving diamond disc machines.  Wear work clothes and shoes, and bring a notebook, and sign up early for this very popular class!    Please visit my website www.KentLauer.Com
All materials are included.

Experience Level
NO previous faceting experience is necessary. No glass cutting experience required.

What to Bring
Bring: work clothes, comfortable shoes and notebook.

Materials includes Starphire glass, dichroic glass, UV adhesive, and cerium oxide used for polishing. Please note that this is a very hands on class, you will be standing for long periods, and using your hands to hold the pendants against moving diamond discs.

Class size is limited to ensure individual attention

  • Cost: $595
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  • Jewelry
  • Skill Level
  • Beginner
  • Instructor
  • Kent Lauer
  • Need Help?
  • Call: 800-248-2048 x3024

Class Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
  •   Kent Lauer's Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants Class
By on
Pros : Kent was an excellent instructor. He and his two assistants made sure everyone's projects came out beautifully.
Cons : Too far away for me to attend classes regularly. Any chance you could open a branch in Florida?
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Kent Lauer, Mentor
By on
Pros : It's rare that one finds, not just a superb instructor but, a mentor who takes the responsibility for 8 students who have never utilized his techniques before and who promises four beautiful art objects in two days. Meet: Kent Lauer. He is accompanied in this endeavor by two colleagues, Paul and David, who are also immensely skilled and who do not shy away from offering encouragement and critique. There is much to learn. Kent is very generous with his time, skills, and artistic sensibility, offering a hand, always available. That generosity makes it possible for every class member to accomplish the goal of making 4 exquisite pendants.
Cons : None
Other Thoughts : Though you don't need to, you may well want to purchase the findings for the pendants you make.
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Dichroic Glass Pendants 2- day and Triangle Day
By on
Pros : Kent freely shared information regarding both equipment and materials. His patient instruction and help insured success for all and the confidence to continue creating on one’s own.
Cons :
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