Free Stained Glass Holiday Ornament Project Guide

  • A fun afternoon project
  • Great gift idea!

  • Glass of Your Choice - we used scrap glass
  • Wire
  • Copper Foil
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Basic Glass Cutting Tools
Step 1
1. Trace (or freehand) classic holiday shapes onto the glass of your choice.
2. Carefully cut out the shapes and smooth the sharp or uneven edges using a grinder or hand file.
Step 2
3. Select a foil wide enough for your intended effect.
Idea: if you want a more decorative effect, scalloped foil would be a fun way to dress up the edges.
4. Foil each individual piece.
Step 3
5. Apply flux.
6. Use a small amount of solder to tin the foil.
Step 4
7. Wrap wire around the shapes to add accents or hangers.
8. Solder the ends of the wire to the tinned edge.